Monday, March 22, 2010


ohya i will be moving to UK on 6 June
for a short course for my degree =)

Super junior~

Last few day is my first time of doing this kind of job
That the first time i heard of this job as well
I dont know how to describe in english but in chinese is 接机 and 送机
Is about fetch them from KLIA to hotel and fetch them back but i m not the driver
I jus make sure they savely reach hotel and help them take luggage
Is easy job right? Actually is not that easy
As u all know they a korean, we have a hard time to communicate wit them
But luckily 2 of them know how to speak shinese and 2 of them know how to speak english
and my interesting part is during saturday night going KLIA with a korean(Tiffany)we talk non stop from Bukit jalir to cause i introduce her malaysian food...but i not sure she got time to taste it or
that the time i know wat is aboarding pass...haha...really paiseh...
really look like a 'sam pa lao'...haha...
now onli i know that korean air line need the person to check in onli can take the boarding pass...and the pass is for the director for super junior...swt...and he jus a YOUNG GUY!!!
then we check in for one of the artist for super junior...Siwon aka prince
i think should be he...i really cant remember his
look at his passport...87! wow! he js one year older then me...wat the...
before artist reach Tiffany facing some cancel but payment had been
help her to settle but not much thing i do...jus help her to translate BM to all i can pity her...she look so scare
but at least all thing settle before siwon reach KLIA...
the most funny thing start here...when siwon reach both of us go take him...
first of all i though he taller then me abit...
but when he came out from heard like go up for 45
he is taller then i imagine and he so muscular...the bogy guard look so tinny wit
so we bring him in and that all for the day...
and 21st sunday i bring the rest of the sj member to KLIA...
the fans is fucking cant imagine sj got such powerfull
that day i onli got chance to say hi to Tiffany but no chance to say Bye to her...
abit sad...and dint get her contact as
nvm if got fate we will meet again...but i think that will be very very hard...maybe once in a brue
and way wish u good luck and all the best for ur coming philipine concert...relax to settle need to ' kan jiong'...haha...everything can be settle...and ask ur ticket manager dont cry ya...haha
and Super Junior! Sorry~Sorry~Sorry~Sorry~haha...
last i sit in a same alphard wit tom

Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is my 1st post in 2010
Well I gonna start with 31/12/09
I spend my last day of 2009 with a bunch of friends in Life Center
Well that my 1st time working in a club
Is a good experience but is quite noisy
I dnt really enjoy such music with pure music without anyone singing
Is really headache and very smoky inside the club
lucky we onli work for 3 day 31/12/09, 02/01/10 and 15/01/10
If not we will drowning with smoke
Is really hard to share my experience at here
Anyway I know some of the new friends at there
They are quite fun and happy going ppl
Really lucky to know them as maybe that we call fate
I think that all for today cuz i gonna do my final checking for my thesis

Saturday, December 26, 2009


24 and 25 went genting celebrate christmas.
instate of celebrating christmas, we actually in casino.
can say whole journey are onli in casino.
after check in, put our staff, then is time heading to casino.
onli dinner time came out 1 time for KFC, then go in again.
bout 11.45 come out again for count-down.
ohya, soli for that girl for asking so much haha.
i meet some of my junior meiyi and kar ang and friend koay yan in genting too.
nice to meet u all ya and merry christmas.
and soli for ongyin cant go out with u all.
u chosing a wrong timing to call me out.
anyway i wan to thnks chong and genting casino too.
let me earn back my expenses in genting.
well basically i having a nice trip.
thx to all my friends.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Finally finish my Prodex presentation.
At least no need to be that stress anymore.
Can finish my own thing from now.
Miss Low really love me, create so many problems for me to solve.
I hope I no need to present my thesis to her Xb
Very tired already, 2 week dint sleep will already, 失眠!
Really dont know wat happen to me.
Maybe too manything left unsettle and too stress.
I dont know what will happen when I come out for work.
By the way i hope my friend meng hua will win the harddisk.
Go! Go! Go! Ultraman~ haha~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hapi belated birthday
Miss Lee Wan Ting

Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday having a good experience on working.
Me, my cousin See Toh and friend Yung Chia.
So actually what we doing there?
We just helping friend Karmun to do some packing.
Is like a charity work. Why I say so?
Cause payment low. Haha...
We pack all the bubbles for MOET, a champagne company.
Is a very easy job but in a large quantity. Lol
Each of us like pack for 700+ of bubbles.
Was a really good day for us.